The Lil Tunechi Finale

06.01.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Every birth will result in an eventual death and unfortunately we’ve come to the conclusion of Lil Wayne and MTV’s layover reminder that Rebirth still exists. It was a fun and interesting journey through the visual evidence of Young Tunechi’s irregular, mall-pop drenched seventh album. Among the highlights were Nikki Minaj and her boobies bouncing in a boxing ring and an ode to Tony Montana’s disco days.

And thank your lucky Teddy Ruxpin this shat is finally over. For their last trick, Wayne and ¡Mayday! hit South Beach to wake the neighbor’s dogs and cats with whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish here. This video had the budget of a virgin piña colada.


Wayne hosts a tape full of newclusives from Rikers Island. Phone time has never proved to be so useful and pointless at the same time.

Download — DJ Scoob & DJ Drama Present Fetti Holmes 2 (Hosted By Lil’ Wayne)

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