More Lil Tunechi, Now Give Him Some…

05.30.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

Admit it. The more you listen to that Rebirth album you didn’t pay for, the songs started to sound more than outtakes from a syrup-induced temper tantrum. He’s no but Weezy’s pop ear is steadily gaining credibility in most circles outside of rap. Already one video deep in the adventures of Lil Tunechi, the ladies of Young Money, Nicki Minaj and Shanell, add the ying to his yang in the latest flicks.

Taking it back to gym class and grab-ass, Lil Wayne tries to woo Roman Zolanski out of her painted on’s as he goes in for that cotton candy KO. On a more solemn note, Shanell enters the fray to capture the aura of some recession music. Both of the female co-stars’ performances are reminiscent of Gwen Stefani during the No Doubt days. Quirky and fun but still packing a punch in the artistic department.

Girls rock too. Young Mooohla baby!

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