Lil Wayne – “On Fire”

12.04.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

With all the attention No Ceilings and Drake have been getting, it’s not surprising to have forgotten Lil’ Wayne has an album coming out this year–December 21st to be exact. But what exactly is he “rebirthing” you ask? From the sounds of every leak thus far, it’s safe to guess that it’s the rap-rock hybrid. Always an artistic feat from the musical standpoint.

The quality of such offspring is debatable, however. This shit, albeit related to its predecessor, sounds like the FM radio in the DeLorean as Crockett & Tubbs hit the Cabana Club. Or is it Tony and his bride-to-be getting acquainted in the sleaziest of locales? It appears Weezy’s celebrity has earned him the right to drop whatever the hell he pleases and recoup sales off the strength of his name. Can’t burn that bridge that many times Mr. Carter. Better make it count.


Download — Lil’ Wayne – “On Fire”

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