Lil Wayne Gets Released From The Hospital, Birdman Refutes Overdose Claims

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03.19.13 14 Comments

After seizures caused by an alleged drug overdose left Lil Wayne allegedly on the brink of death, Tunechi has bounced back well enough to be released from the hospital.

Weezy was given the go ahead to leave Cedars-Sinai, his home for the past 6 days, last night according to TMZ, who broke the story of the rapper’s latest health scare.

Wayne spent 6 days in the hospital — most of it in the Intensive Care Unit — after suffering what appears to be a drug OD that triggered a series of massive seizures.

Sources connected with the rapper tell us … Wayne is feeling weak but he’s a lot better. He plans on laying low until he makes a full recovery. [TMZ]

YMCMB boss Birdman also spoke with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez yesterday to refute claims that Wayne’s seizures were caused by drugs.

“I mean to me, honestly, it’s just…you know, his work ethics. Just how he put in and how he and what he believe in and how hard he works, how much dedication he give to music and his fans and what he tries to accomplish in life. It ain’t have nothing to do with drugs. No such thing like that. He work. He work round the clock. He’s just a hard grinder for this music. But it wasn’t nothing ’bout no drugs.

He just needs to get some rest, relax. Take it one day at a time. He’ll be back just normal as anybody else, but he just needs to relax for a minute and just get some rest.”

Baby also alluded to Wayne possibly having epilepsy, an incurable seizure-causing brain disorder, when Angie pressed on about what might have triggered this recent episode.

“I really couldn’t tell you, love. We haven’t, they haven’t..they don’t have nothing. They can’t tell you nothing. This is nothing that they can cure. It’s out of our control, something we have to live with and maintain. They can’t tell you nothing but ‘get some rest and change what you been doing.'”

He also revealed that Wayne was prescribed medication to keep the seizures from coming back. Listen to the full interview below, courtesy of Angie Martinez.

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