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Alison Brie Is a Good Actress [Warming Glow]

So Can We Stop Calling Her Kanye’s Ex Peen Polisher Now? [I Had Heard]

When Rappers In Prison Get Preferential Treatment [Complex]

Signs That You’re Poor: City Dweller Edition [Gawker]

4chan Users Crash MPAA Website in Pro-Piracy Protest [Mashable]

Five Entirely New Emotions the Internet Has Given Us [Uproxx]

Five Celebrities That Are Inexplicably Famous [Unreality]

Twitter Executives Approached Fabolous To Write Coffee Table Book [HHDX]

A Man’s Primer On The Blazer Jacket [Art Of Manliness]

Tennessee Can’t Fire Bruce Pearl [Slam]

High Times Seeds & Strains 2010 [Spizzy]

Michael Vick’s Dogs Write Book [Gunaxin]

Was Gabourey Sidibe’s Skin Lightened For Elle Magazine? [Vibe]

Are Albums Dead? Not In Hip-Hop [NPR]

Kanye West & Omarion: Men’s Fashion Gone Overboard? [Clutch]

High School Punks Beat And Kill Kangaroo On Field Trip [Regretful Morning]

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