Lindsay Lohan Used Twitter To Hit On Bill Maher Last Night

In an apparent attempt to make herself even more revolting to the public at large, Lindsay Lohan has been tweeting up a storm about politics lately. Shockingly, most of her political tweets are misinformed and dumb. I know, RIGHT! Even better: she’s a Romney supporter. You truly can’t make this sh*t up.

So anyway, something Bill Maher tweeted during last night’s horses and bayonets debate was so flummoxing to her coke-stained brain that she just had to reach out to him in an attempt to, um, get inside his head or something. She later deleted the tweet, apparently, and I couldn’t find any indication if Maher had responded to her or not.

Someone should tell America’s sweetheart that Maher has a weekly political-themed talk show on HBO where he pretty well lays out what he believes — and has done so for years. Regardless, here’s hoping this all leads to her being a guest panelist on his show. That would be an incredibly entertaining trainwreck, I think.

Then again, maybe LiLo meant that she wanted Maher to give her a “deep man-meating” when she begged him to “DM” her?  Anything’s possible with America’s sweetheart, y’all!

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