Amazing Hobbit Cross-Promotion Opportunities (And Afternoon Links)

Entertainment Editor

Something Awful did a round-up of photoshopped Hobbit promotional tie-ins. Here are just a couple of them.

Gallery 1988’s ‘Tribute To Judd Apatow’ Is So Good You’ll Swear It’s Made From Bits Of Real Panther |UPROXX|

Anchorman 2 News: Kristen Wiig to play Brick Tamland’s lamp interest |Film Drunk|

A Brief Tribute To Britta Perry’s Inspirational ‘Me So Christmas’ Song And Dance |UPROXX|

A Very Helpful Guide To Every On-Screen Death On ‘The Walking Dead’ |Warming Glow|

The Nolan Ryan Robin Venture Fight, Now In 8-Bits |With Leather|

Roger Goodell’s TIME Cover, Fixed |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

A Paula Patton Appreciation Post |Smoking Section|

23 Best Music Videos Of 2012 |Buzzfeed|

25 LOL-Worthy Holiday Photobombs |HuffPost|

Sneaker Speaker: Sock Rockin’ Beats! |Technabob|

Pro Gamer: The Game |Catavento via GorillaMask|

The Swanson Guide to Holiday Shopping |Unreality|

11 Internet-Related Plots from ’90s TV |Mental Floss|

How to Bake the Perfect Batch of Cookies |High Definite|

Important Memo Regarding Fro-Yo Sampling Guidelines |College Humor|

The 10 Frattiest Colleges in America, According to U.S. News and World Report |Brobible|

Eminem’s daughter continues the family tradition of pointless feuds with pop stars. |Fark|

10 Random Instances in Which Jon Hamm Attempts to Convince Us He’s Not the Most Handsome Man in the Room |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: And now, Gandalf plays bagpipes while riding a unicycle down the streets of Portland. RUN, YOU FOOLS! (And we’re assuming this is the same guy as Darth Unicycler.) |via Obvious Winner|

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