R.I.P. Run Wrake, An Esteemed Dog Meets The President, And Links

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R.I.P. Run Wrake, the most talented dude you’ve never heard of |Film Drunk|

The Troy Barnes Insult GIF Challenge |UPROXX|

The 10 Most Expensive TV Shows On Which To Air A 30-Second Commercial |Warming Glow|

The $100 million, underwater Chinese Avatar looks incredible |Film Drunk|

‘Athlete Objects’ Combines Our Love Of Puns, Cartoons And Athletes |With Leather|

9 Things We Would Like To Hear With G.O.O.D. Music’s “Cruel Winter” |Smoking Section|

Gruden Talk: Jon Gruden Talks George McGovern and Al Davis’s Drug Stash |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Finally, A Functional Bacon Clock |Daily What|

Has ’30 Rock’ Lost Its Mojo? |HuffPost Comedy|

How to Watch TV Illegally Online |College Humor|

Aziz Ansari On Online Dating/Bullying |High Definite|

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Teeth |Mental Floss|

Ten Adorable Sidekicks with Awesome Powers |Unreality|

Every Episode Of “The Walking Dead” Summed Up |Buzzfeed|

10 Incredibly Bizarre Facts You Didn’t Know About Condoms |Brobible|

Disney Super Robot Chogokin: Defender of the Magic Kingdom |Technabob|

6 Movie scenes that were supposed to freak you out, but were actually pretty funny |Fark|

Who Gave the Most Adorable Interview As a Young Teenager? DiCaprio? Gordon-Levitt? Gosling? Bale? Or Elijah? |Pajiba|

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