A Homespun Game Of Thrones, The Pervert Stingray Walks On Land, And Links

10.08.12 5 years ago

Yo dawg, we got some Game of Thrones on your throne.

The 15 Funniest Presidential Election Graphics From ‘The Daily Show’ |UPROXX|

Raylan Givens On ‘The League’ Looks Fantastic |Warming Glow|

Liam Neeson once punched out a kid who pulled a knife on him |Film Drunk|

Try Not To Remember This: ALF’s 1987 Bouillabaseball Cards |With Leather|

Big Bird Delivers The Word On “Saturday Night Live” |Smoking Section|

Who Takes Your Shoes? Kurt Coleman Takes Your Shoes |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

7 Awesomely Stupid Signs |HuffPost Comedy|

Liam Neeson Orders A Pizza |College Humor|

20 Paintings Improved By Rappers |Complex|

How to be an Inconsiderate A-hole |Gorilla Mask|

The 13 Frattiest Quarterbacks In The NFL |Buzzfeed|

Six Movies That Made Me Want To Be A Witch |Unreality|

10 Actors You Probably Didn’t Know Could Dance |Pajiba|

Don’t Vote for Mitt Romney Because He’s a Michigan Fan, Says Ad in Ohio State Student Newspaper |Brobible|

The 50 best movie mentors includes Doctor Emmett Brown, arguably the most negligent man in movie history |Fark|

Mila Kunis: Esquire’s 2012 Sexiest Woman Alive |High Definite|

The Craziest Myths the MythBusters Have Tackled |Mental Floss|

UW Team Builds Massive Speaker, Makes Marty McFly Jealous |Technabob|

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[Pictures via Nerd Approved and Reddit.]

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