Lions-Bears Live Blog, First Half

10.22.12 5 years ago 636 Comments

The two previous prime time games that featured the Bears this season were nothing if not amusing. There was Chicago’s Week 2 loss to Green Bay, that was hyped with Jay Cutler wishing the Packers secondary “good luck” against his passing attack, which only made Catler’s four interceptions and dressing down of his linemen that night all the more hilarious.

Cutty was soundly out-derped by Tony Romo two weeks later on Monday night in Dallas. Though, by slinking away from offensive coordinator Mike Tice when he was approached on the bench during the game, Cutler still managed to be the subject of a lot of postgame discussion and/or laughs. Tonight may offer a similar scenario to that game in Dallas, since even Cutler may have a tough time matching mistake for mistake with Matt Stafford, who has followed up his 40+ touchdown, 5,000+ yard year in 2011 by posting more picks than touchdowns through five games this season.

A lot of the focus going into the game has been on the running attacks. Makes sense, given the derpiness of both passers. Matt Forte claims to be back to about 100 percent, giving Chicago a more promising option than the 3.7 yards per carry that they’ve been getting out of Michael Bush. The Lions, meanwhile, are finally getting production out of Mikel Leshoure. That’s good, since it gives their offense more realistic possibilities than “let’s force it to triple-covered Megatron!” Leshoure, incidentally, hails hails from and went to college in Illinois, a topic that surely won’t be beaten into the ground this evening.

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