Lions-Packers Live Blog, First Half

12.09.12 5 years ago 818 Comments

So it seems the NFL doesn’t flex bad games out of the Sunday night slot anymore. This the second straight week of having lackluster contests in what is tacitly accepted as the league premiere timeslot. Wait, Monday night has the best game of the week? What is this, 2005?

Because the Bears lost today, even if Detroit somehow pulls the upset on the road, it won’t affect the current NFC North standings, though I’m sure Chicago would be glad to continue pretending that they still have a chance of catching the Packers for the division lead.

This week, an anonymous Lions player went to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports and claimed that their roster is loaded, but they’re a few players with understanding of what it takes to win away from being a contender, whatever that means. Said anonymous player identified Ndamukong Suh as one of those players who just doesn’t get it. If only he knew how to win like the rest of the dipsh*t Lions, like Brandon Pettigrew and Titus Young! That’s right; a great gloreeee boy stomping scourge had descended upon the league.

Anyway, Packers fans are getting their own reality show, in case you wanted to find something less watchable than this game.

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