Listen (With Extreme Caution) To Adrien Broner’s New Rap Song, “40” Featuring Rick Ross

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03.06.14 6 Comments

Adrien Broner Ft Rick Ross – 40

Being an Adrien Broner fan is a little strange. In the last year, you got the chance to see him get his ass kicked by a small Argentinian man, go down on a stripper, have an unprotected threesome, take a shit and flush $20 bills down the toilet.

Well today, despite his big brother/mentor/idol Floyd Mayweather’s advice that he stop rapping and focus on boxing, he adds to the fun by releasing the first song off his upcoming mixtape, About Billions, “40” featuring Rick Ross. It’s not quite Kobe levels of awful athlete rap songs, but it is a boxer rapping a rap song, so proceeded with caution.

As for his day job, AB is reportedly going to be fighting on the Floyd’s undercard May 3rd, against John Molina.



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