Live Blogging Big Bang Theory’s “The Gothowitz Deviation”

11.02.09 8 years ago

L to R: Howard, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon & Raj

Big Bang Theory has got to be the geekiest show on TV and it doesn’t even have any aliens in it. See, the four leads–Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj–are all scientists and hardcore nerds. Their hot neighbor Penny, is the norm of the group and watching these episodes is like a hodge podge of sci-fi, comic book, toy, Anime, movie and TV references. Oh, with some science thrown in. Last night’s episode was called “The Gothowitz Deviation.” The A story featured Sheldon and Leonard (who are roommates) dealing with Penny being around more often now that she’s dating Leonard, while the B story follows Raj and Howard as they go to a Goth bar to pick up chicks with their fake sleeve tattoos. Alright, here we got:

*Sheldon’s talking about the many worlds theory!

*Sheldon’s food schedule is an iCal download.

*Haha, they broke her bed! That’s some hot geek lovin’.

*He calls Leonard a homunculus. “Aw, you’re my little homunculus.” – Penny “Don’t call me that.” – Leonard

*Sheldon’ wearing a Green Lantern T-shirt. There’s actually a website called Sheldon Shirts that not only chronicles his shirts, but sells them too.

*Haha, Howard looks like the Crow.

*”Did the KISS Army repeal don’t ask don’t tell?” – Penny


*Raj thinks Leonard is pushy whipped.

*Sheldon’s training Penny to be nice, like a dog. How is Leonard not seeing this yet?

*”What’s so Goth about vodka and cranberry?” – Raj

*”I’m behind on my Wiki reading, I’m on a John Grisham kick.” – Raj

*Lost Boys!!! I’m assuming this is a reference to the movie, but it’s not clear.

*They’re watching Oshikuru Demon Samurai. “It’s not a cartoon, it’s Anime.” – Sheldon. I’ve never seen this show is it any good?

*”You’re here a lot now.” – Sheldon

*Using John Updike and B.F. Skinner to train her, that’s one for the English majors who also minored in psych.

*”I thought the ‘bazinga’ was implied” – Sheldon

*I love Raj’s vampire and werewolf explanation of astrophysics.

*Oh boy, it looks like Harold’s getting a tramp stamp.

*”[My mom’s] not gonna see it, she takes my temperature orally now.” – Howard

*The “not that anyone cares” Goth girl is pretty annoying.

*Is Leonard wearing a Captain Planet T-shirt? I’ve been trying to figure it out all episode.

*”The point is that we each have a sexy menage with sexy Goth girls.” – Howard

*”Wanna try a country bar tomorrow?” – Howard. Never give you lonely, lonely nerds.

All in all a pretty great episode, probably the best of the season. It’s on Monday’s at 9:30PM on CBS. Or you can check them out online here.

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