!llmind – “Narcotic Nautilus”

04.02.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

I know you see that song title, rap fan. Ten bucks says it makes you roll your eyes over another “Nautilus” flip. Well that’d be a mistake not only because you owe me a Hamilton. !llmind’s new-old jam hits damn hard. Plus it currently moves freely online, away from confines of Just Blaze’s hard drive.

Anyone who likes their bangers with obnoxious 808s and snippy snares should check this out. Bob James’ classic gets flipped sideways with a special appearance from “Take Me To Mardi Gras” midway through the freebie. Easy-breezy jazz shouldn’t sound so belligerent but “Narcotic Nautilus” evidently doesn’t care about the source materials’ cool confines.

This track also makes me realize I’m late to some rap lingo. So “boomtrap” is really a thing, huh? I’m not mad at it.

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