Lollyphile! Is Back With Sriracha And Bacon Flavored Lollipops For The Holidays

11.18.13 4 years ago

Sriracha bacon

The folks at Lollyphile! are probably the best in the world when it comes to making lollipops with flavors that you’d never even consider for a timeless piece of candy. In fact, some would even say that these maniacs are playing god by making such outrageous and unnatural flavors as blue cheese, habanero tequila and bourbon lollipops. I love all three of those things in their original forms, but as lollipops? I’m afraid I’m just not ready to take that step yet. Okay, maybe the bourbon flavor, but that’s it.

But now these purveyors of pops are really pushing the envelope for the holiday season, as they decided that in lieu of a pumpkin flavor, Lollyphile! would be going with a Sriracha bacon lollipop. We’re meddling with powers we can’t even comprehend here.

Per the site, you can pick up this new flavor for as low as $10:

In the wake of recent terrifying Sriracha news (plant meltdown! Oh, no!), the coming holiday season, and our need to push the envelope of what candy is capable of doing, we are super proud to offer you a combination of two of the greatest things of all time- Sriracha & Bacon, candied salty spicy peppery porky goodness.

That terrifying news, of course, was that people in Irwindale, California were complaining that the Sriracha plant was making their eyes and throats burn, as well as giving them headaches. But isn’t that just a small price to pay for something so delicious? No? Geez, you people are tough to please.

Anyway, what happened to that pumpkin flavor?

“We’ve made several kinds of bacon candy and were the first to make a Sriracha candy,” said Lollyphile owner Jason Darling in a release. “This feels like a pretty natural progression, headed straight for awesomeness.”

“We had every intention of making a pumpkin pie spice lolly for Thanksgiving,” Darling said. “But the ubiquitousness of pumpkins, the recent concerns of a Sriracha shortage, and the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah overlap made a Sriracha bacon lollipop something that needed to happen.” (Via the Los Angeles Times)

I’m not sure if that actually makes sense or not, but in the time that it took you to read this, I just ordered a pack of bourbon lollipops. I left the breast milk lollipops for you guys, though, because…

No Bird

(Banner via Lollyphile!)

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