Look At All These Walter White Lookalikes

12.14.12 2 Comments

Apparently, Albuquerque, New Mexico was overrun recently by dudes trying to look like Walter White — this is because Gomie from Breaking Bad was holding some sort of Walter White lookalike contest there.

Reports Wired:

Last week dozens of wannabes showed up in Albuquerque for the event hosted by Steven Michael Quezada, who plays DEA agent Steven Gomez on the show. Fittingly held in the city that serves as the series’ backdrop and Quezada’s hometown, the contestants came clad in everything from those now-famous opening-scene underpants to the ubiquitous yellow hazmat suit that has taken over later seasons.

“Bryan Cranston has just killed it, and that’s why he gets the props,” says Quezada. “He’s fucking kicked ass, bottom line.”

The contest was part of Quezada’s 100th episode of his late-night talk show The After After Party, and was judged by Cranston himself, who had just come into town to start shooting Breaking Bad‘s final eight episodes, which will air this coming summer.

Now speaking of Gomie and Walter White, I’m really looking forward to Walter killing Gomie in the last season. Make it happen, Gilligan!

With that said, Wired has a gallery of the WW lookalikes. You should go check it out.

(Pics via Wired)

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