Looking at Meat Calms Men Down

Entertainment Editor

Frank Kachanoff, an undergraduate at McGill University, was interested in studying priming and aggression. Priming refers to when a stimulus influences a person’s response to something else later, like how showing a test subject a gun leads them to behave more aggressively afterward, or how showing me pictures of Al Pacino makes me 400% more likely to push it to the limit.

Kachanoff hypothesized that showing men meat could provoke aggression. What he found was the opposite: seeing pictures of cooked meat made the male test subjects less aggressive. I’m a little skeptical, in that there were only 82 test subjects in total and the independent variable was pictures of cooked meals for one small test group compared to another test group with “neutral images” (of what?).  So to test this out for ourselves, I’ve been staring at this .gif for the past half hour:

I’m feeling more relaxed already.  There might be something to this after all.

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