Luck-One & SolXPreme – “Act So Hard”

01.21.14 4 years ago

Luck-One SolXPReme Act So Hard

Luck-One has recently relocated across the country from Portland to Harlem, and maybe that road trip made him feel some type of way because he’s as feisty as ever. Along with his new neighbor from Queens, SolXPreme, the two have strong words on “Act So Hard” for the corny rappers out there.

Admittedly, calling out fake rappers might seem as tired as the guys who are actually fake, but one listen to Luck’s verse and it’s evident in how he sets himself a part from the rest. Per usual, he mixes his wit and intellect, and SolXPreme holds his own perfectly.

Can a person be king of a place if they’re no longer living there anymore? Do trees make a noise when they fall in the forest if no one is there to hear it? Who cares. Despite being out of the Northwest, Luck will be dropping the second installment of his King Of The Northwest series on February 11.

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