Ludacris Ft. Young Jeezy – “Raised In The South”

04.19.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Two-thirds of Atlanta’s former “big three” (Tip being the other) reconvene to pay homage to life below the Mason-Dixon line on “Raised In The South.” And with it comes four semi-useful thoughts.

1. I understand keeping it simple, but the hook is generic as those bottom-shelf cereals I buy from Wal-Mart when money is tight.

2. This won’t necessarily have us regretting tagging Luda with the “fell off” label, but his second verse did appear inspired. Jeezy’s was enough to keep me listening, too.

3. Seriously, remember how on these guys were at their respective peaks? I think I’ll dust off my copy of Can’t Ban The Snowman this weekend.

4. I’m never the guy to count anyone out because we’re all one event in life going our way capable of changing everything for the better. Plus, I was a huge ‘Cris fan many, many moons ago. But “South” can be found on Luda’s forthcoming I Don’t Give A Fuck mixtape, which ironically may reflect what the majority of people’s opinions are about his music at this point.

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