QoTD: Where Does Ludacris Rank Among Rap’s Greats?

12.20.12 5 years ago 93 Comments

ESPN The Magazine’s latest issue revolves around borderline Hall of Fame athletes and who deserves to make it and who doesn’t. Coincidentally, as I’ve been thumbing through the issue I’ve been listening to Big Boi’s “In The A.” The song features Big and T.I. ripping the beat to shreds. Then Luda comes in at the end and all momentum stops. The same thing happened on the “Same Damn Time” remix. And his latest mixtape was uninspiring as well.

It seems like we may be seeing Luda’s career trail off before our eyes; and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as he’s put in more than a decade of consistent material. From his debut all the way through to the end, Luda never put out a bad album. Yet he never put out a unanimous classic. At no time in his career was he considered a lock for top five in the game, but you’d still be hard-pressed to find a single bad Luda verse.

Which begs the question: where does Luda stand in the annals of Hip-Hop? In 10 years, will we consider him amongst the greats or the pioneers of rap (let’s not forget his role in bringing Atlanta to prominence), or will he be a someone forgotten in time. Is Luda an MC with a nice run a la a Tracy McGrady or someone deserving of the fictional Hip-Hop Hall of Fame enshrinement?

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