Lupe Fiasco Feat. Skylar Grey – “Words I Never Said” Video

04.28.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

Lupe’s current situation and talks of the Illuminati have been water cooler fodder the past few days at work. I usually don’t initiate or try to lead these conversations because it always gives me perspective of those who aren’t continually plugged into the matrix like we are. So it was funny how Lasers came up out of the blue as a topic of discussion when the album’s promotion cycle slowly winds down. I know that he’s currently gracing XXL’s cover, but not much else seemed to be in the works and which also makes the “Words…” video release a pleasant surprise.

Although my overall disdain for the album hasn’t changed much, I’ve warmed up to “Words I Never Said” mostly because it’s the Lupe most familiar to me, speaking up for what he believes and letting the chips fall where they may. In the grand scheme of things, Lasers and the obstacles he faced putting it out, will be good for Lupe because it seems like it’s only made him value his artistic integrity and control even more.

Props: Y2K

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