Lupe Fiasco: President Obama Is “The Biggest Terrorist”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
06.08.11 153 Comments

Boy that Lupe sure knows how to stir up a hornet’s nest. On a recent appearance of some public access type show called “What’s Trending,” the Chicago kid gets asked to expand on thoughts on President Obama originally voiced in the song “Words I Never Said.” Never one to shy away from an opportunity to place a foot square in his mouth, Lupe declares Obama to be “the biggest terrorist” and part of the “the root” that inspires terrorists to rise up from other countries.

I do commend young Fiasco for having a backbone in these days when entertainers typically lack spines. He said it and he’s not shying away from the stance. Still, pointing the finger at our current President seems brazen and misdirected. Raised under the Public Enemy school of thought, I’ll never be coolin’ out on the 4th of July and far from a flag waver. At the same time, does Lupe think the President is the only one pulling the strings? Should we simply do away with the presidency and let anarchy rule? Is Lupe prepared to kick and push his ass to another country since he’s so discouraged by our current leader and living under these perilous conditions?

I really scratch my head at this guy. When it came to early support, my seat on the bandwagon provided a pretty great view. But I’ve long since vacated that spot for the Lasers to have and just can’t f*ck with him artistically…or politically.

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