Lupe Fiasco’s Neverending Freestyle

04.11.10 8 years ago 44 Comments

The other day, your boy Lu was in New York rocking a show or something. It seems he had a lot to get off his chest, starting with his shirt. After getting properly naked and comfortable, he began addressing the crowd and doing what cats in the ’80s called “freestyling”. Yes, the real “off-the-dome” type recitals, not these post-Rap-City era pre-written lyrical abortions you see on TV and in concert these days.

There is a reason why people don’t really freestyle anymore; it’s dangerous to your rep. These days you’ll find yourself on YouTube being shredded to bits in the comments by LilNayNay87 or BieberGirlsWedgie who can’t tell poop from polish but yet want to comment on how devoid of skill you, the MC, are. Kinda like what happened with Royce & F.A.B. a little while ago. It turned from a scheduling misunderstanding to an unnecessary war of words. Meanwhile, once upon my youth, I saw Nas freestyle in concert. Now, Mr. Jones was not only as high as two kites, he was horrible. But there was no YouTube or Twitter paper trail, so the rest of us filed that memory in the catacombs of our minds next to Mobb Deep’s ballerina tutus and Dr. Dre’s dancing tights.

But it’s 2010. Normally, it is not advisable for someone who’s set the bar so high as far as lyrical content is concerned to go out on a limb and start rapping newness, naked, live. Respectable? Yes, minus the nudity. Dangerous? Stupidly so. The Devil in me was halfway hoping to watch this and see Lu fall flat on his face so I could have a few yucks at Was’ expense.

Alas, he did not. He coherently laid out his qualms and discords with Hip-Hop music today (such an original topic, no?) and the culture of degenerates it has spawned. Only disappointment is that is not a full 10 minute free. Something shy of 9 when you take away a few of the pauses.

Still, it’s chock full of quotables and even some subtle shots fired for all you beef lovers. If you’re going to waste time watching a YouTube freestyle today, start here.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Fiasco. If I may have your attention.

“Lasers is love, Lasers is life. Lasers is coming soon, New York City, goodnight.”

Word, son? Kinda like that other mixtape was coming soon too once upon a time? Right. Just don’t start climbing any more mountains and put the album out already.

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