Machine Gun Kelly Signs With Diddy & Bad Boy Records

08.03.11 6 years ago 25 Comments

Artists work and dream for the opportunity to get signed to a major label and now Cleveland’s Machine Gun Kelly has seen his vision become reality with the announcement that he’s signed to Bad Boy Records. MGK’s an exciting performer who apparently caught Puff’s eyes at SXSW. Honestly, he grabbed my attention in Austin as well especially during our Bootleggers & Tastemakers showcase. No, let’s rephrase that. The wiry rapper snatched me by the collar after he mounted the speakers and dropped a blitzkrieg lyrical attack on the audience for approximately 15 minutes. we’ve been touting the guy since forever and, without a doubt, he’s deserving of a larger platform.

But alas, there’s Puffy and his troublesome track record with artists. In the press release, MGK says the move was made to sign with Bad Boy “because they understood our idea and the importance of keeping our integrity. They want to give us their resources to help share our vision with the rest of the world.” Seeing the word “integrity” used alongside Puffy’s name will make anyone cringe and, for the life of me, I still don’t gather why any artist would contract their career away to Sean. Even taking away his past history of reportedly bad artist deals, the man’s Midas touch has seemingly worn off. While I do understand that signing with a label does require an artist to hedge their bets on the best train coming through, but we all saw where the Last Train… went. And in this particular case, it’s not like Puffy’s had much success pushing White artists, word to Kain Cioffie and Donie Klang.

The Cleveland rhymer also shares that he “made a pledge to my fans to protect our brand.” I wish him well in his endeavors and truly hope he has interested parties helping to watch his back and front while dealing with Puff. For all the giving of resources, rap’s most notorious paper gangsters is prone to taking more than his fair after perverting artists’ images and sucking them dry to keep his name the Forbes list annually.

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