Macklemore Leads The Seahawks 12th Man Army In Updated “Can’t Hold Us” Video

09.18.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Macklemore “Can’t Hold Us” with Seahawks highlights from Pete Carroll on Vimeo.

Struttin’ Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll shared an updated Macklemore video for “Can’t Hold Us” featuring the singer dragging the 12th Man flag around the set of THE GREY and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium installation. Warning for epileptics; the video editor went heavy on the starbursts when adding the Seahawks highlight clips, watch with caution.

Not content to just let the video rest quietly on his Vimeo page, Carroll appears to be trolling San Francisco 49ers fans who have taken to the local editorial pages to complain about the noise in Seattle.

No word yet from Jacksonville Jaguars fans on how they plan on countering the double-threat of crowd noise and the gratuitous use of wolves in a music video this Sunday.

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