Mad Science Becoming Awesome Reality

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05.07.10 2 Comments

There’s always been a problem with being a mad scientist; namely, keeping organs in jars going long enough to create the proper atmosphere when you bring a woman in a white silk dress back to your lab to meet your half-monkey, half-pony monster which will RULE THE WORLD! MUHUHAHAHAHAHA!

Ahem. Anyway.  The organ preservative in question comes from Harvard researcher Hemant Thatte, and was designed with the noble goal of preserving organs for organ donors longer than a couple of hours.  You know, all that boring “saving the world” and “preserving life” crap that we can’t be bothered with as a general rule.  Anyway, the compound of drugs works so well that it can keep a heart or a liver alive for up to ten days.  Currently, they’re testing the solution on pigs, and if all goes well, they’ll be in human trials soon.  The awesomely disgusting video proving what they’re up to after the jump:

[ via PopSci ]

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