Maino Is The Toughest Uncle In The World

01.14.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

You know you’re on to something when you make a storied rap career just by being yourself. Even when cracking a smile, Maino remains the gangsta’s champion and he’ll gladly whip you with the belt as well as rock it with pride. Pound for pound, he’s looking to body any jerk, Jenk or joke of a rapper that has the audacity to get in his way.

Oh yeah…he can rap too. That’s a little detail you might not want to forget about. Hi-jacking Zombie Nation’s “Kernkraft 400” has resulted in “Maino Nation” and you better say you like it or you may find yourself praying to the top turnbuckle.

But wait…there’s more. Jeff & Eric Rosenthal’s rap parodies have gotten out of control and it’s up to Maino to discipline them with tough love. He’s the new Facebook Uncle. Buckle Hard Entertainment.

Check their feature with Rolling Stone as well. Laughter is the best medicine and the Rosenthals are making the most out of their residency.

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