“Make Dem Girls Get Down On The Floor…” – David Banner’s “Like A Pimp”

01.20.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

Prior to Big K.R.I.T. winning over the hearts and ears of Hip-Hop lovers everywhere, David Banner was the pride, joy and face of Mississippi rap. The time was 2003 and Hip-Hop’s rookie of the year was a no contest pick in 50. Nelly had “Pimp Juice.” Outkast dropped a double disc classic. Jay-Z retired and The Diplomats were in rare form. Meanwhile, below the Mason-Dixon line, Banner’s ignorantly enjoyable and regionally iconic “Like A Pimp” blossomed into one of the year’s finest singles.

Also, say what you will about Lil Flip. Sure, T.I. all but excommunicated him, transforming the Leprechaun into the Southern version of Ja Rule in terms of once successful careers to fall off the face of the map. You probably haven’t thought about the guy in quite sometime. But I guran-damn-tee you you’ll never forget his verses on “Like A Pimp.”

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