Mally – “On The Way Up”

03.25.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Following your heart’s desire is probably one of the most admirable things you could possibly do with your life. Everybody has dreams, but few follow them to the fullest extent. For this reason, Mally’s song “On The Way Up” is an inspiring one. He truly is following what he feels is the path he is destined to walk, and if he keeps making songs like this one, I would have to agree with that decision.

I’m not sure if soul is a measurable attribute, but if so, the vocal sample lying underneath Mally’s lyricism is at full capacity. With a subtle kick-snare pattern and a horn section that moves the beat along blissfully, Mydus’ production projects a feeling of serenity that matches Mally’s lyrics of contentment wonderfully. Hopefully, the duo’s chemistry will maintain solid through their collaborative effort entitled The Quality Of Mind, which is still without a solid release date, but in the process of being constructed.


Download — Mally – “On The Way Up” (Prod. By Mydus)

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