Mama Acho Ready To Support Her Sons On the Cardinals And Eagles

10.26.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

Sam Ocho Mom


It’s terrible for parents when their kids fight. Usually it’s over Legos, who gets the bigger slice of cake, backseat of the car land disputes that make Russia-Japanese island battles look cordial. The pain inflicted upon each other can break a mother’s heart.

Imagine you’ve watched your both be all-stars since high school, state champs in track and field, team captains and make it all the way to the NFL. And it’s the week they play each other, each claiming to be the better player giving little digs at the other’s performance.

Now you know how Mama Acho must feel this week. You always split their Legos evenly, the cake was even down to last molecule of icing, so you get out your sewing kit and make sure you represent both of them equally, right down to wearing a teal and red manicure.

Sam Acho, earlier this week:

“I am a much better player than my brother. I saw he had an interview yesterday and he said he’s a better athlete, a better player, and Emmanuel Acho, I’m going to look you in the eyes and say I’m the better player of the Acho brothers.”

“My 40 time was faster bro, I’m just saying. So we can talk about who is a better athlete, but I’ve got the better 40 time.”

And thus marking the first time “bro” was appropriately used.

Like all good brothers though, they know how to smile and hug each other for mom when it counts.

At least they’re both birds of a feather.

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