Manny Pacquiao Strikes Again!

03.15.10 8 years ago 31 Comments

If you didn’t catch the Pacquiao-Clottey fight Saturday night, don’t sweat it – you didn’t miss anything. This snoozefest of a match was further proof that the fight that should have went down has to be inked. I bet I wasn’t the only one repeating in my head, “It should have been Mayweather in there” but alas, all we got was Pac-Man again systematically tearing down another fighter for his 12th straight win.

Manny Pacquiao’s unanimous decision victory over Joshua Clotty lived up to what most knew what the fight was – a consolation bout. The largest attendance for boxing event in 17 years could not hide the fact that this fight ended up being a glorified sparring session. In defensive stance the whole time, I forgot what Clottey’s face looked like. Manny’s conditioning would not relent to Clottey’s wear down tactics and the champ led the entire bout with consistent flurries. If Clottey did anything right, he didn’t get knocked the hell out. But doesn’t the cliche for not giving up, “If I’m going down, i’m going out swinging” come from boxing? Looks like Clottey never heard it.

Now that Pac filled his end of the bargain, we now have to patiently wait until May 1st to see Mayweather fill his. Although a fight against “Sugar” Shane Mosley is also possible, we all know damn well which match up the people want.

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