The Clock Is Ticking, Floyd

07.14.10 7 years ago 29 Comments

Hi, it’s me, J. Tinsley. Your resident Pacquiao/Mayweather reporter. As it stands, this may be the last time we speak on the subject. We’ve experienced highs and lows, but ultimately been let down in the end when it comes to what would undoubtedly be the biggest fight in years. The sport needs this brawl. The fans yearn for this brawl. Unfortunately, it looks like the only places these two will ever trade jabs are through news articles and Fight Night.

The latest turn of events have Pacman’s camp offering Mayweather’s the ultimate ultimatum: accept by Friday or else. Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said they’re even willing to wait until the last possible minute for Money May to sign on the dotted line.

“We’re ready to go on with the Mayweather fight,” Arum said, “but we have to make contingency plans just in case and I don’t really want to talk about that too much. But Mayweather has until the end of the week. He could wait until the last minute. If it’s Friday and it’s 11 p.m., and he says we have a deal, we have a deal.”

Arum and Koncz said they were hopeful Mayweather would accept the deal, but that they had to be prepared in the event he doesn’t. Arum has said for weeks that Mayweather’s camp has a contract for the fight and that Pacquiao has accepted the terms, including provisions for drug testing (blood and urine) leading up to the bout.

Anticipating Floyd says no-go, Pacquiao already has a rematch with Miguel Cotto or Antonio Margarito in place for November 13th. Let’s pray it doesn’t come to that though. I like seeing Manny fight. I like seeing Floyd fight. But dammit, this has to work because there is no other option. To say the sport of boxing is on life support is like saying Ohio State and Michigan don’t like each other. That’s just not a fair assessment and doesn’t define the situation totally. Neither slugger’s last fights were all that exciting mainly because they’re just that much better than their competition. At this point, I’m wondering what’s going to happen first: Kobe/LeBron or Mayweather/Pacquiao?

I’m pro-Floyd, but it’s getting to a point now where all this nonsense has to come to an end. I mean, just imagine the possibilities. Fight parties would be epic. Twitter would shut down. Hell, Rick Ross and 50 Cent might actually be in the same building at the same time (Floyd is cool with both now, you know?). What more convincing do you need? Especially when you’re both standing to bank over $40M for an hour long fight. Sign the contract, let the trash talking commence and let’s make boxing relevant again. Even if it is only for one night.

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