Manny Sanders Is Just Part Of The Littering Problem

06.14.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

A local Pittsburgh anti-littering campaign had been using Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders in an ad, presumably to help convince Yinzers to stop leaving Terrible Towels and Primanti takeout containers strewn across the area’s pristine industrial ruins. But it appears that the forces of do-goodery will need a new public face in the war against litterbugs because they had to sever ties with Manny Sanders because he was cited and fined for – what else? – littering. Oh, the ironing is delicious.

Sanders, 25, and Antonio Brown, 23, pleaded guilty Monday in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court to leaving boxes beside a private Dumpster on West Warrington Avenue in Beltzhoover. A judge fined each $300 plus court costs.

The Pennsylvania Resources Council partnered with the mayor’s office on the anti-litter campaign, which included a television ad featuring Sanders encouraging people not to litter. David Mazza, regional director for the council, said Monday that it is pulling Sanders’ ad until it could talk to him.

“I think littering is more throwing trash on the ground and knowing that you’re wrong for it,” Sanders said. “I actually put the trash in the trash can. That’s the big difference.”

I will say that’s a pretty weak violation to get fined for. That stuff was going to be disposed of properly anyway. Curse you, Western PA Anti-Litter Nazis. You’ve turned a once idealistic crusader into yet another jaded opponent of the Nanny State.

[Balls up blog post and tosses in the river]
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