Manotti da Vinci Ft. Chance Fischer – “Club Home”

05.20.14 3 years ago


Believe it or not, Chance Fischer has been covered around these parts for damn-near four years. Push-backs, delays and simply real life taking place are the reason Chance continues to piece together new material. Silence doesn’t equal stagnation however.

Coming this summer, Virginia-born musical curator Manotti da Vinci will release a body of work years in the making. Club Home is slated to be featured on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify. “Music has given me so much and taken me places a lot of people from my area only see and hear about on TV or the Internet,” said Manotti, who has worked alongside Diddy, Chris Brown, Steve Aoki, Rick Ross and more. “The thing is, I still have plenty of items on my bucket list to cross off. And that’s the fun thing about music. You never truly conquer it.”

The first glimpse into the project is the title track “Club Home.” With a backdrop more driven for the international club scene than bass-heavy pavement crackers (or at least on the World Cup soundtrack), Manotti allows Chance to flex his lyrical muscles and wit in ways we’ve never heard him before.*

* – The only major complaint is the hook. That could use some doctoring up.

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