Marc Goone – I Am Not A Lobster OK LP

05.15.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

When Marc Goone drops tongue in cheek singles like “THIS IS MY $ONG 4 RADIO” and names his latest album I Am Not A Lobster OK, you’d assume this St. Louis MC is trying to draw attention any way he can. Yet, you’d be wrong.

While much of his competition stretches the truth for increased profit, Goone’s open about his middle-class background, for better or worse. Listen to previous singles like “Hunger” and “Young Khaleesi” and you’ll hear the smug-looking bro next door owning his arrogant appearance and stance as a broke, college-educated pot dealer from the suburbs, despite the negative connotation many associate that reality with in hip-hop.

Yet, by all accords, those same songs are unquestionably laced with lyrical prowess, via technically-advanced and inner-syllabic rhyme patterns that leave you so impressed, zero sh*ts are giving about anything but the man’s music. After reeling you in with his delivery, this multidimensional artist then uses that spit game to enhance advanced song concepts, via varying moods – “Yung Walter White” is a maniacal dedication to dope dealing, while “Chasing Rainbows” is an introspective look at those who sell themselves out long term for expedited success.

Being that his quirky catalogue’s not quite timely enough for those oblivious to content and too gimmicky for the few left who aren’t, Marc Goone’s music might be a bit out there for some. But, anyone looking for an artist who’s talented, honest and striving to grow as an artist above everything else, give Goone’s I Am Not A Lobster OK a spin.

He doesn’t just want your attention; he deserves it.

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