Mario on Paper Is A Gruesome Good Time (Video)

07.07.11 6 years ago

You’d think that Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. franchise would include a lot more blood and gore. I mean, for starters, the entire premise is based on some Italian dudes who slide down filthy sewer pipes all afternoon and crush sh*t by curb stomping their heads into the floor. Well, thank goodness that animator Eric Power felt the exact same way. The only difference between Eric and I? Well, Eric managed to hone his creative expression into an awesome little stop motion animated short, while I, on the other hand, accidentally logged into my account and clicked around for a couple hours.

The 3 1/2 minute animation features paper cutouts similar to the early days of South Park. Koopas getting their eyes stomped out of their faces, an upchucking Mario, Toad being cannibalized, and angry pissed off masons; all this and more in the video after the jump. Take a gander.

[via technabob]

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