Mark Duper Beat A Teenager Unconscious Twice

03.21.13 5 years ago 29 Comments

Mark Duper, the star receiver for the ’80s Dolphins whose middle name is really Super, finds himself back in the news for the always admirable charge of child abuse after he beat a teenage boy unconscious TWICE during an altercation in a Jacksonville home.

The boy, whose age and relationship were redacted, was playing video games Tuesday night with the children of ex-football player Hugh Green, according to the arrest report. Duper started arguing with the teenage boy in the kitchen and punched him in the face.

Duper then grabbed the teen and “picked him up several times and slammed him to the ground,” causing him to lose consciousness, according to the report.

Duper ordered the teen to leave the house and he complied, then returned to get his jacket. That’s when both began fighting, with Duper throwing the teen on a bed and punching him in the face and head, the report said. Green came in and stopped the fight, realizing the teen was unconscious again.

When the teen recovered, he grabbed his bicycle and pushed it into Duper’s car. Duper saw this and “became enraged” as he confronted the teen, then punched him in the face again, the report said. When the teen fell off his bicycle, Duper grabbed him by the neck and started choking him.

The teen yelled for Green to help him and he did, with Duper threatening to kill the younger man, according to the report. The teen had a swollen and cut lip and multiple scratches and cuts on his arms.

Duper is included in the class-action lawsuit brought by thousands of former players against the league for concealing the long-term effects of concussions. Fair chance that some people speculate that those effects played a hand in what Duper did. Sorry, we don’t deal in irresponsible guesswork. We just post sloppy, inappropriate GIFs of people punching children.

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