Mark Sanchez’s Buttfumble Jersey Sold For $820

05.26.14 3 years ago 62 Comments


Ah, the Buttfumble. One of the greatest moments in sports hilariousness. The moment that Mark Sanchez will be remembered for forever, no mater how much his defenders remind us that he wasn’t actually THAT bad. This glorious moment in mediocre quarterback bedshittery has brought joy and mirth to millions. So, how much would you pay to own the jersey that Sanchez was wearing when he so memorably collided into the buttock of his offensive lineman, fumbling the ball, and creating a Patriot touchdown in the process?

If you answered more than $820, you could have purchased a true piece of NFL history this weekend.

Yes, the buttfumble jersey was auctioned off this weekend, and purchased by a Jets fan for a cool 820 bones. Frankly, we wish we had known about this ahead of time, because we would’ve happily pooled our money together, and split ownership of the Buttfumble jersey time-share style. But what’s done is done, and one of the most important jerseys in NFL history has sadly slipped our grasp. But it got us thinking; there are plenty of embarrassing football moments, and plenty of potential memorabilia to go along with them. With that mind, here are some embarrassing NFL items that we’d like to buy at the next auction.

– Leon Lett’s cleats from either of the games where he had a mind-bogglingly dumb fumble.

– Mike Vanderjagt’s cleat from when the 2005 Divisional Playoff Game against the Steelers where his potential game-tying kick went about three thousand yards wide.

– Chris Culliver’s athletic cup from Super Bowl XLVII, when he had one of the worst defensive performances in Super Bowl history right after saying a bunch of stupid shit about gay people.

– Steve Johnson’s jersey from the Bills-Steelers game where dropped the game winning touchdown pass and blamed God.

– Any Detroit Lions hoodie worn by Rod Marinelli.

– That godawful Philip Rivers bolo tie.

– Anything that Ryan Leaf wore in any game of his career.

We’re sure you’ll have plenty great suggestions of your own for us.

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