Marvel and Comixology Get Exclusive

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Comixology is rapidly becoming the only way to read comics on tablets. They’ve just crossed 65 million downloads, and now they’ve finally gotten Marvel fully onboard.

It’s worth noting this is a big deal because Comixology not only lets you buy digital comics, it also allows you to buy physical comics through your FLCS. Essentially, you can use it to manage your subs: remove books, add new ones, and so on. The problem was Marvel’s books weren’t a part of that area of the app.

No longer. This might be both worrying and a relief to the FLCS, although it’s worth noting that digitally, Comixology doesn’t use a subscription model.

Oh, and also Marvel claims that by June, every comic will be day and date. Suuuuuuuuuure it will. Riiiiiiight! Whatever you say, guys! You’ve totally not blown this one before, so we totally believe you!

image courtesy Marvel and Comixology

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