Mass Effect Cosplay Is Great, But No Sex Scene

08.02.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

If there’s one thing I have to admit I’m kinda not into, it’s cosplay. Partially because that’s an enormous amount of time that could have been dedicated to something productive, like developing a death ray, and partially because it sits at that weird locus that nobody really talks about, namely nerddom and sex. You’re never quite sure with some cosplayers whether they’re doing it for fun, or if they’re getting their rocks off, especially if it involves some sort of BDSM look.

Still, unless they’ve got some serious emotional issues, none of that extends to the cosplay video below, which is actually pretty impressive. As in, these would actually be passably good special effects in a mid-’90s adaptation of “Mass Effect”. Congratulations, ladies and whoever happens to be in that bulkier suit, and we’ve little doubt effects companies will be in touch:

[ via Kotaku ]

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