Master P Only Pays $271 In Child Support For Four Kids?

06.20.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

While it should be duly noted that the paternal side usually gets shafted in the court of law, Master Percy could probably tell The Roots a thing or two on how he got over. The former No Limit head honcho’s ex-wife, Sonya Miller, was seeking child support to help raise their four children who are minors (no Lil Romeo isn’t one of them) and like a true slickster with his money, his exact revenue stream couldn’t be traced.

Based on the evidence, or lack of there of, the courts deemed it acceptable for Mr. Miller to cough up a mere $271 based on a monthly income of $1,387, says TMZ.

Make ’em say uhhhh! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

It’s speculated that P’s net worth ranges around a quarter of a billion, which is sort of questionable considering he hasn’t done anything successful in years. Regardless, you know he has racks on racks on racks buried in a yard some where and while it’s probably a given he won’t let his kids go without, he’s not trying to let his former flame mooch off his earnings.

This is America. Alimony is for communists!

Master P — Child Support Battle Begins [TMZ]

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