“Master Of The Universe…”

03.12.09 9 years ago 19 Comments

About ten years ago, Percy Miller had it all.

The hottest rap label on the planet (an indie to boot). A family of plaque-producing rappers. His own clothing line. Movies released in both theaters and straight-to-VHS format, accompanied by platinum soundtracks nonetheless. A mobile cell-phone company. His own camouflage-clad talking doll (I had one). A sports management company, which was home to first round draft pick and future stoner-hall-of-famer, Ricky Williams. His custom spot on the NAACP. If you’re still not impressed, how’s about this….the man played for the Charlotte Hornets in 1998.

But, if you thought there was nothing for the Master to accomplish, you were wrong. He’s added another accolade the list.

A Snickers commercial.

Let’s hope Romeo steps up his game at USC, because apparently the economy affects even the most accomplished business minds.

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Stray Shots

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