Matt Ryan And The Falcons Narrowly Conquer The Narrative

01.13.13 5 years ago 19 Comments

It should tell you how inane that player narratives are that Matt Ryan will finally be hailed as getting the proverbial monkey off his back by finally getting a playoff victory in where he played fairly average football. But this is the silly season in the NFL, where quarterback wins, already a dumb statistic, take on a new level of mindlessness. And so Ryan has some momentary redemption. Even though he threw a dumb interception that basically let Seattle back into the game.

Pete Carroll is getting grief heaped on him for loving by less than a field goal after his offense squandered a chance to get any points at the end of the first half. Enjoy the schadenfreude of Struttin’ Pete, Richard Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks for a winning Hail Mary not being handed to them.

And feel good for Tony Gonzalez. His career goes on, largely because of his very clutch catch on the Falcons’ final drive. He played a hell of a game. Fitting for his first career playoff win.

R.I.P. Choker Ryan.

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