Matt Schaub Pulls a Jeff Van Gundy or Else He’s a Zombie

10.13.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


Poor Matt Schaub. Everyone’s been talking about how terrible he is and pestering him about it all. He was going to lose it sooner or later. As of post time, Schaub’s having a relatively okay game against the St. Louis Rams but the Texans are still struggling. And, thus, did Schaub snap. After a play, with William Hayes looming over him, Schaub decided enough was enough and latched on to Hayes and just- Wouldn’t. Let. Go. Either he’s channeling his inner Jeff Van Gundy or he’s turned into a zombie that will feast upon the flesh of his enemy and create a kingdom of walking dead, bound and determined to spread his disease far and wide and rule over a kingdom of corpse-eating former quarterbacks (hello, Steve DeBerg!). Or it’s a great tie-in for tonight’s Walking Dead premiere.


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