Matt Schaub Wins The Suck-off

12.05.13 4 years ago 18 Comments


For a few minutes, it seemed like Matt Schaub might pull the greatest troll ever job on Texans fans. Here’s the quarterback who torpedoed a season fraught with expectation, returning from the bench in December with a chance to steal the no. 1 pick right out from under a team that could use that top pick as the only consolation from a wasted season.

Schaub made the game close enough for Jaxson de Ville to get the phantom pangs of past defeat.

The Jaguars jumped to a 14-0 lead. They looked primed to get their first home victory in more than a year. A win for them might hurt draft position, but it would foster further mummers of Jacksonville being a team on the rise going into the off-season.

Ultimately, though, Schaub only made it close enough to have a chance to throw the requisite killer interception at the end. So, in many ways, great success for Texans fans. Schaub creates no doubt that the team should move on and his mistake ensures they’ll have the best chance to do so.

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