When Max B Ran The Streets

09.14.10 7 years ago 19 Comments

With all the talk of “Free Weezy,” another one of Hip Hop’s braided wonders also sits behind bars. Unlike Tunechi, however, Max B doesn’t look to find freedom for the next several decades or so. Thanks to the power of the Internet and flip cameras, the adventures of rap’s favorite crooner are still being uncovered.

From his unique records to his hilarious on camera antics with French Montana, Max has always known how to put on a show. The footage below features “The Wavy One” at some random concert making all the ladies swoon and all the gentlemen respect the G as he runs through the performance to “All My Life.” With Max, you already know the Grand Cru was flowing like the Nile. Last, but certainly not least, watching the random females on stage is one of the funnier aspects of the show.

They think they’re on stages because they’re important. The rappers bring them on stage because they’re about to be the subject of their next verse. And if they’re fine with that, then so am I. We’re all grown here.

Seen: DGB

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