Mayer Hawthorne – “Maybe So, Maybe No” Video

08.11.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

They say when you love something you have to set it free. Turns out if you let Mayer Hawthorne take wing he will fly completely past expectations and shock even those who know his skill set best.

Cheese-us. This video. And the song is ALREADY too nasty. The drums, family? The MF-ing hi-hat 16ths?!? Pshhhhh… shutthefuckup. They just don’t make them in this model anymore.

Lil’ ol’ Haircut all grown up… Gonna make me go ahead and get emotional. *wipes tear*

Bonus Beats


Mayer Hawthorne – “Your Easy Lovin (Ain’t Pleasin Nothin)”

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