Guilt-Free Listening: Mayer Hawthorne’s ‘Where Does This Door Go’ Album Stream

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All credit goes to the combination of TSS OG’s Beware and LC for putting me on to Mayer Hawthorne during the early days here. So upon learning there was a streaming link to buddy’s new project, Where Does This Door Go, suddenly a stressful couple of weeks became a smidgen more enjoyable.

NPR got the jump on the Internet offering a full preview. And not to be a victim of hyperbole of prisoner of the moment, but everything that’s glided past my eardrums thus far have been nothing short of on point. The grooves scream summer and the environment we use to create timeless memories because of the warmer months, longer days and colder drinks.

From the moment the album’s opening track “Back Seat Lover” commands the tapping of our feet and nodding of our heads, a sense of voluntary captiveness (that’s not even a real word, but it makes sense to me) overtakes the rest of the album. Better yet, take this Rick Rubin review of the album to accurately depict the emotions Door will inevitably draw out of anyone who clicks play.

Rick Rubin shaking foot

Come to a decision yourself, however. Just know WDTDG provides a much welcomed reprieve from the marathon of releases Hip-Hop has birthed over the past month and a half. And for the rap diehards, a Kendrick Lamar feature is nestled in the middle. See, something for everyone! One time for variety!

Stream: Mayer Hawthorne – Where Does This Door Go [NPR]

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