Mayer Hawthorne’s Fave Five

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Mayer Hawthorne is a man of distinction — he wears argyle sweaters, neckties and sunglasses five days out of seven, and subsists on breakfast foods two of three square meals a day. Banana pancakes, well-done hash browns with the peppers and onions, turkey sausage, Clancy’s Fancy hot sauce, coffee, OJ and so on. He takes pictures of every plate in front of him that inspires a beat, whips up a quick Sidekick™ boom bap and forwards the food/beat pairing to anyone within range of a text message.

To ask Mayer Hawthorne to choose between music and food is to ask him to choose a limb to amputate. This is a man who won’t divulge his sources for rare vinyl and who posts blog entries when Wendy’s™ is having a sale on Frosties™. So we combined his loves — I asked him to pick his favorite five Motown® joints that inspired his upcoming Mayer Hawthorne and the County album, A Strange Arrangement, and to put the song with a favorite food dish. Like the freshest wine and cheese pairing of your life…


Smokey Robinson and The Miracles – “Once I Got To Know You”

“Best enjoyed with a Double Double and Animal Style Fries from In-N-Out. I wasn’t really feeling In-N-Out at first, but once I got to know it, I couldn’t help but love it.”


The Marvelettes – “What’s Easy For Two Is Hard For One”

“Best enjoyed with two chili dogs from Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit.”


Martha & The Vandellas – “Let This Day Be”

“Best enjoyed with a plate of Knife & Fork Ribs from Houstons. If I could legally marry them, I would.”


Stevie Wonder – “Hold Me”

“Best enjoyed with a slice of Banana Cream Pie from Apple Pan in L.A. Better add a Root Beer so you can get one of those old school frozen metal drink holders.”


Brenda Holloway – “Till Johnny Comes”

“Best enjoyed with eggs, hash browns, toast and/or pancakes. Don’t skip breakfast – the most important meal of the day!”

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