Meast And Least: Championship Sunday

01.21.13 5 years ago 112 Comments

The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast for Championship Sunday is Bernard Pollard. We’re not celebrating the fact that he crippled Stevan Ridley to cause a game-clinching fumble so much as Bonecrusher Pollard’s continued legacy as the Greatriots’ most celebrated villain. It is only fitting on this, Patriots Schadenfreude Day. Only once since 2008 has Pollard not in some way had a hand in the Patriots’ downfall. In 2008, he mangled Brady’s knee. In 2009, he took out Welker. He took off 2010 to chill, but he was back in 2011 to mess up Gronk’s knee for the Super Bowl. Yesterday was just the latest in a fantastic campaign of malevolence perpetrated against New England.

Also receiving consideration: Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin, Julio Jones, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore

The Jeff George Memorial Least for Championship Sunday is TAWMMMMMYYYYY BRADY. Dreamboat got outplayed by Joe Flacco once again in a conference championship, only this time there wasn’t Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff to bail his ass out. Brady threw two interceptions and was too goddamn slow to convert a 4th down scramble, opting instead to pathetically deposit a pass in the turf in the end zone than risk getting tackled by someone who outweighs him by 150 pounds yet still has a faster 40 time. Also, Brady tried to spike Ed Reed when he slid earlier in the game. He couldn’t even do that right. Sorry, Brady, there’s only one Bernard Pollard. When he wants to take a man out, he gets the job done.

Also receiving consideration: Matt Ryan, David Akers, Wes Welker, Mike Nolan, Bill Belichick

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